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11. Combining Psychedelic Science and Wisdom at TRIP │A PNI Panel

Episode Summary

After decades of stigma, psychedelic compounds from magic mushrooms are being rediscovered as a powerful treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression. This comes as no surprise to people like Françoise Bourzat, who has been guiding people on psychedelic journeys with psilocybin mushrooms for over three decades in Oaxaca, Mexico, where they are legal and considered sacred. Dr. Keith Heinzerling, an addiction medicine specialist and director of the new Treatment & Research in Psychedelics (TRIP) program, was impressed by stunning results in these settings as well as at other institutions. With Bourzat as an advisor for clinical trials using psilocybin, TRIP experts will guide patients on five-hour psychedelic experiences in controlled, supported sessions. Addiction is a stubborn disease, but research shows that a single psychedelic session can bring about the epiphanies that move many addicts to finally stop the abuse. Same for depression. In many cases, single sessions appear to get patients unstuck and help them see through the gloom. Together, Heinzerling and Bourzat will meld science and spiritual wisdom to help patients overcome diseases that have dogged them, in many cases, for years. Their conversation is moderated by PNI co-founder and neurosurgeon Dr. Daniel Kelly. For More Information: Please visit