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Think Neuro Mini: Meet Dr. Howard Krauss

Episode Summary

Howard R. Krauss, MD, is a co-founder of the Pacific Neuroscience Institute. He is an ophthalmologist and a surgical neuro-ophthalmologist at the Pacific Eye, Ear, and Skull Base Center at PNI. He fiercely pursues the best treatments and outcomes for his patients. Dr. Krauss and his PNI colleagues have been innovators; developing, practicing, and teaching dramatic new surgeries, including eye- and vision-preserving techniques for the treatment of orbital cancer. They have pioneered Transnasal Image-Guided Endoscopic Orbital Tumor Surgery for safer, less invasive, and more effective management of orbital apex tumors and Transorbital Craniotomy for brain tumors. Dr. Krauss is a recognized expert in his field, has published numerous papers, book chapters, and served as a reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals. He is a founding member of the Board of the North American Skull Base Society. Governor Brown appointed him to the Medical Board of California, and he serves as a Mentor Examiner of the American Board of Ophthalmology. To read more about Dr. Krauss please visit the link below: 310-582-7450