Think Neuro

Think Neuro Mini: The Importance of Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Natalie Diaz

Episode Summary

In 1993, the rock band Bon Jovi recorded a song called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. We’ve learned a lot since then, namely, that sleep is just as important as food and water. Sleep is like a shower for the brain, according to PNI neurologist Dr. Natalie Diaz. It washes away toxic compounds, some of which may be associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps us preserve important memories and purge the neural connections we don’t need. In this Think Neuro Mini, Dr. Diaz tells us how to sleep like rockstars, but not like Bon Jovi, who got it all wrong back in 1993. For more information: | (310) 582-7640